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Team building programmes

Team building programmes
Team building programmes
Team building programmes
Team building programmes
Team building programmes

Presentation of team building programmes

We'll make sure to engage your guests in mental and physical activities! Through play, the participants will discover the diverse Slovenian cultural heritage and develop their skills of teamwork and mutual support – everything of course in the wonderful natural setting of Bled and its surroundings.

Farm games

Participants will be greeted by animators with a home-made welcome drink and everyone will receive a souvenir – a cow bell. Afterwards, the participants will be divided into groups by means of an old Slavic counting rhyme. Farm games, where you will need to prove your skills, will include wood cutting with a saw, sack racing, minefield, cooking over a fire, horseshoe pitching, an entertaining shepherd's game and many more.

After successfully completed all the work on the farm, the participants will receive a certificate.


Our small "Olympic Games" will make you feel truly Olympic!

We are going to test your skills at mini golf, cricket, tug of war, different ground skill and speed games, and volleyball. At the end the winning team will be declared and awarded with medals.

Winter games

We all become children again and can't wait to enjoy the winter delights when the landscape turns white with snow. Therefore, we are going to organize real winter games where you'll have to prove you're a team player where not only strength but also carefully thought out actions will be important for your team to win. You'll enjoy competing in snowshoeing, 5 people skiing on one pair of skis, snowball fighting with blindfolds, constructing snow sculptures and ice breaking games. You'll enjoy the diversity of games and the diversity of entertainment. Winners will of course be awarded with certificates.

Bled treasure hunt

You must've heard of the Legend of the sunken bell. We're going to take you on a trip to find this lost treasure. With the help of a map, you'll be discovering hidden parts of Bled and its surroundings. Certain stops along the hunt will require special skills from you in order to get to the treasure as quickly as possible. Speed, sense of direction and ingenuity will be of great importance to achieve the goal.


Team building programmes price list:

Up to 20 person 21 – 50 persons More than 51 person
Farm games, Olympics, Winter games, Treasure hunt 19 eur / person 17 eur / person 15 eur / person